Simplify Private Investing!

Data management, investment and funding platform for investors, issuers and industry professionals.

Who is EquiDeFi for?

Funding, documents, security, privacy and communications all in one easy to navigate location. Our smart contracts navigate the entire offering cycle, from documenting the deal to virtual presentations, escrow and closing. When prepared to monetize, EquiDeFi’s document vault helps organize necessary records to transfer securities to your brokerage, obtain a legal opinion while EquiDeFi’s SEC registered transfer agent partner speeds deposit to your account. Your deal docs are only a click away, fully organized, with bank records and proof of investment accepted by every major brokerage.


Private and publicly traded companies on NASDAQ, NYSE, OTC, and other major U.S. exchanges


Investment banks, corporate counsel, broker-dealers, escrow agents and transfer agents


Accredited investors and entities

Built for teams of all kinds.

EquiDeFi seeks to DeMystify, DeMocratize and DeCentralize the world of private placement financings rather than DeMoralize it!

DE mystify

Privately placed securities are often shunned by brokers. Compliance personnel view transactions with suspicion. SEC rules and regulations are not well understood and inconsistently applied. Required representation letters are vague and inconsistent, and different legal opinions muddy the water for investors in private placements.

EquiDeFi creates standards and digital trust systems smoothing the way for compliance comfort. When all documents are centrally located with validated records, deposits to brokerages for aftermarket trading become second nature.

DE mocratize

Although EquiDeFi is a central knowledge repository of trust, we return the power to the investors, removing roadblocks and costs of participation in private placements. An investor controls their own document vault, receives verifiable proofs of their records, and no longer needs to make embarrassing and costly calls to company executives and counsel to assemble their records. Our SEC registered transfer agent partner keeps official records of ownership and processes transfer instructions in accordance with SEC and FINRA rules and regulations.

DE centralize

EquiDeFi will become an oracle of investment education and intends to offer tools to investors who wish to participate in the emerging field of "open finance" to facilitate user sharing and ownership of their financial data. Additionally, EquiDeFi intends to serve as a gateway to various secondary trading platforms where private investors can transact with each other outside of traditional exchanges on independent marketplaces, perform research and gather important investing information.

How to join in our beta?

We are inviting prospective issuers, investors, and service professionals to sign up for the beta of our SaaS platform to see a demo and participate in an EquiDeFi mock capital raise.