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Welcome to EquiDeFi® – software to launch, manage, fund and close private offerings.

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What We Do

For Issuers

We built the definitive software suite for issuers to confidentially offer, fund, manage, close, instruct and report.  We track all offerings from start to finish in concise easy to navigate dashboards designed with company personnel in mind.

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For Investors

We built software investors use to securely access their records. Our investor dashboard navigates through an unlimited number of deals with ready access to executed documents, payment records and completed offerings.  Secure legal opinions, restrictive legend removal, broker transfers, and tax records with ease.

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For Everyone

EquiDeFi® is an investing portal that breaks down barriers to private investing. We educate with tools for investor choice and education.  We offer a marketplace of ideas and links to services where business loans, media relations, financial services, transfer agent, legal, accounting and audit connections are made.

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Democratizing The World Of Private Placements

We demystify, democratize and decentralize private placements.   For far too long private offerings have been restricted to institutions, professionals, and those friends and family with unique access. No longer. Once accredited status is confirmed using our simple online form, investors on EquiDeFi may review and invest in a multitude of deals for up to 90 days with a single certification. Issuers can find you and you can find them.  Revolutionary!

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Private and publicly traded companies on NASDAQ, NYSE, OTC, and other U.S.

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Investment banks, corporate counsel, broker-dealers, escrow agents and transfer agents.
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Accredited investors, family offices, special purpose vehicles, and funds.

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How EquiDeFi® Makes Investing Simple

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Simplified Process

Say goodbye to complicated and incomplete documents.  We build a simple online term sheet from the information about your offering.  You upload your documents – subscription agreements, preferred stock, notes, warrants, SAFE, investor rights agreements.  You add your offering materials – confidential offering circular or PPM, recent SEC filings, risk factors disclosures, projections, forecasts or valuations on which your investors will rely. You add investor emails and a confidential personalized message to invite investors. You hit “launch” and the software does the rest!

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Increased Security

Existence of a private offering or viewing your confidential materials equals non-public information. We alleviate common foot faults with a one-page online NDA to protect you and your information. Those investors who decline go no further.  They neither learn about your offering nor access confidential information.  Only those who accept can continue onward to invest.  You are safe in the knowledge that you have taken all appropriate steps for regulatory compliance and we have logged the NDA acceptance for future use.  Accepted investors can also fund ACH transfers up to $999,999 with AML checks, either to an escrow account or directly to your account.

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EquiDeFi® Compliance Engine

EquiDeFi is designed by SEC attorneys and securities professionals with SEC compliance foremost in mind.  From initial engagement to closing we conform to strict SEC best practices gleaned from hundreds of deals.  

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Simplified Online Forms and Audit Trail

We designed an industry first online accredited investor/bad actor online form that is logged directly on our site – not scanned, faxed or mailed.  We create an audit trail of all interactions with each investor and can generate reports for litigation or SEC investigation, if needed. You can grant access levels to all records to your auditors, accountants, lawyers, and others. 

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Broader Participation

With EquiDeFi®, the world of private investments is more accessible than ever before. We remove roadblocks and costs of participation, allowing for broader participation from new investors.

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Investment Education

With EquiDeFi®, you don’t have to navigate the world of private investments alone. We offer the tools you need to participate in the emerging field of “open finance.” 

Here's Why They Use EquiDeFi®

With its state-of-the-art software, secure record retention, and optional escrow payment portal, EquiDeFi® removes the complexity and obstacles that once kept investors and issuers from realizing their full potential. Here’s what our clients have to say about the positive impact EquiDeFi® has made in their private finance experience.

“We love the simple styling and organization of the dashboard.  We are able to see subscriptions as they arrive in real time, watch funding progress and select subscribers to close, all from one simple dashboard. The attention to detail is everywhere.” 

Tom Pruter

Freshies Tequila Selzer

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“We used EquiDeFi for a recent private offering and we recommend it to companies for handling their offering subscription process.”

Robert Steele, CEO

Thumzup Media Corporation

a photo of robert steele

“The EquiDeFi® team has made a significant and much needed improvement to private placement workflows that will expand our ability to service our client’s legal needs and reduce the time and costs locating lost documents and records.”

Michael Harris, Esq

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EquiDeFi® Education

Discover the wealth of knowledge and insights at your fingertips with EquiDeFi®’s education platform. From private finance to market trends, our curated content offers a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

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