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Welcome to EquiDeFi® – software to launch, manage, fund and close private offerings.

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Who It's For

Existing Investors

Existing investors looking for a simplified private placement investment workflow.

New Investors

New investors wanting to find new investment opportunities.

an image representing the KYC token, it looks like a coin

KYC Token

KYCT provides a single source of authentication after a single KYC event. This expedites all further investment opportunities and avoids the lengthy KYC processes that the investor would typically go through.

This reduces the onboarding friction for issuers looking to obtain investors, while simultaneously reducing the friction for investors when looking to participate in a new offering from any issuer on our platform.

How EquiDeFi® Makes Investing Simple

EquiDeFi®’s platform allows investors to quickly access and invest in private placement opportunities. 

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Simplified Workflow

After completing your accreditation process, join an offering within minutes. By leveraging multiple authentication, transactional, and verification APIs, we’ve developed a workflow to process and renew KYC compliant investor statuses every 90 days, with the click of a button.

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Sign and Fund… From Anywhere

DocuSign and Stripe API integrations help create a seamless experience for investors to sign and fund up to $1,000,000 from anywhere.

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Thank You!

Once the offering closes, you receive your securities electronically and have a document vault created for you on our platform to facilitate deposits to your broker when the time comes.

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Join the Community

Our community of securities professionals can provide you with exemplary services while our marketplace can offer fresh deal flow for future participation.

an image representing the KYC token, it looks like a coin

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